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How to Start Internet TV Websites

The Internet is changing the concept of television.

The Internet offers an environment for delivering rich multimedia content. Music and video sites allow extensive customization for anyone with the ambition and creativity to build a compelling website. An Internet TV website is a special form of content where the creators upload videos on a frequent basis to provide a steady stream of programming. Most Internet TV sites are centered on a theme that applies to all the videos they display. There are many technical components to building an Internet TV website. Due to the popularity of video sharing and website design, it is possible to combine the features of free online services to create a functional TV site. Anyone with the desire to create such a site may do so without any computer programming experience.


Difficulty: 3

Build the Site

Step 1

Register for a free website design service online. These services allow anyone to set up a series of customized Web pages to create a visually impressive website. Many offer professional design templates to start the process. Google Sites is one service that provides an array of free design features to suit any form of Internet content. Alternately, consider a free blogging service which may better suit some content creators by more easily providing frequent updates. The Blogger service allows users to customize the look of their site while providing an easy content management system that does not rely on any manual design. (See the second link in the References section.)

Step 2

Login to the website design service and select a template to get started. Most sites will provide a large collection of professional Web layouts that you can use to begin customizing your site.

Step 3

Build individual Web pages, if desired. Leave room on each page for the videos. Alternately, create one front page to house all your content. If using a blog service, the system will likely create the links and pages automatically for you.

Upload Videos

Step 1

Register for a video sharing website. There are dozens of free services available for hosting and distributing video content (See the third link in the References section.) Choose a service that allows your videos to be embedded on external websites. This is necessary so you can show the Internet TV programs on the site you have created. YouTube and Vimeo are two quality services that offer these features for free.

Step 2

Login to the video sharing website and upload your videos. Get familiar with this process, as you will upload frequently to keep the content for your Internet TV site fresh.

Step 3

Locate and copy the embed code for each video you wish to place on your Internet TV site. This is usually a strip of HTML code provided that is easily copied. Highlight the code with your mouse, then use the "Control-C" keyboard combination to copy the content.

Step 4

Login to the website design service and locate a page or blog post where you would like to place the video content to finalize the Internet TV design. Simply paste the copied video embed code into the page and save it.

Step 5

View the website and play the video. You now have a functional Internet TV website. Repeat the video upload and embed process each time you create new content for your site.


Article Written By James Highland

James Highland started writing professionally in 1998. He has written for the New York Institute of Finance and He has an extensive background in financial investing and has taught computer programming courses for two New York companies. He has a Bachelor of Arts in film production from Indiana University.