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How to Make Your Own .Org Website

Make your own .org website.

Just like any other type of company, nonprofit companies benefit from some sort of web presence. Having a nonprofit website provides charities and other nonprofit companies the opportunity to distribute their message or accomplish their mission. It also allows them to create a community that will attract people seeking the information they offer. Although nonprofit websites operate much the same as other websites, they do require different procedures for successful operation.


Difficulty: 3

Step 1

Register a domain name. Nonprofit websites typically use a .org domain name. Whereas .com represents a commercial website that operates for a profit, .org domain names represent nonprofit companies that focus on something important other than profit.

Step 2

Design your website. Often charity organizations can receive discounted or free web design services. Web design companies that offer discounted or free services for nonprofit companies include

Step 3

Write the content for your three core pages. For instance, nonprofit websites revolve around the homepage, the About Us page and the Mission page. The homepage welcomes visitors to the site and creates a first impression of your company. The About Us page includes information about your officers or managers. The Mission page provides information about why your company exists.

Step 4

Install other important nonprofit modules. For instance, even though nonprofit companies don't see a profit, they might seek funds to help them operate. "Donate Now" buttons from PayPal provide visitors the ability to support your company. Simply create an account with Paypal and follow the instructions on how to create a "Donate Now" button.

Step 5

Monetize your site via affiliate sites. For instance, millions of people shop online. Affiliate sites allow your nonprofit company to receive a small commission when visitors shop online. Let your visitors know they support your site when they start their online shopping experience from your homepage.

Step 6

Upload your site to your server. For instance, the server hosts your website and allows other people to access it. Use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program to upload your files to your server. To do this, enter your server password and server username into the FTP program, select the HTML files you want to upload, and click "Upload."


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