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What Is a Good Online Business to Start?

Sell your goods through an online business.

You can consider many online business ideas when you are ready to become an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, however, not all online businesses are created equally. Some are better than others because they offer low overhead, high profits and easy launches. Likewise, a good online business will allow you to start off slowly and gradually grow your business, keeping your investment risk low. In addition, good online businesses typically involve selling products or services that are in demand yet have fewer competitors in the market.


A good online business is one that is easy to start and run yet allows you to make enough money to meet your financial goals. Many features make up a good online business. Among them are low startup costs, low overhead and ready access to suppliers of the products you will sell. In addition, demand and competition are important considerations when you are trying to choose a good online business. To boost your chances of being successful, you will need to choose a business through which you can sell in-demand products or services without a lot of competition.

Time Frame

All types of businesses require planning, but there are many online businesses you can start in less than a week. If you will not stock a lot of products, you may even start an online business in the amount of time it takes to create a website. When you are comparing business ideas, choosing the idea that takes the least amount of time to start means you will have the potential for making money sooner.


When you start a business, you risk your investment of time and money. No matter how good your business idea is, there is still the possibility that it could fail. To keep your risk low, start small and expand your business as you begin to make money. This way, you risk only a little of your money at the outset and then invest more once you are sure your idea is viable.


You can choose an online business from among three basic types of business. You can purchase a business opportunity that provides you with products or services to sell on the Internet or you may purchase a franchise, which allows you to use an established company's business name and logos to sell its products and services. You may even start your own business from scratch. Costs may play a role when you choose, as some franchises and business opportunities are more expensive than starting a business from scratch. On the other hand, you will likely have less to plan if you choose a business opportunity or franchise. Often, franchises and business opportunities offer startup guides that make launching a business easier.


Choosing a good online business is only part of the challenge of making money online. Even the most carefully designed website won't make money if no one knows it exists or it is hard to find. To be successful in your online business, you'll need solid ways of marketing it. Many people submit their businesses to search engines, create online ads and use pay-per-click advertising, which involves having your ads placed on other business websites and paying a small fee for each person who clicks through to your website. Before you choose a business, consider the ease with which you will market it, and cross those that will be difficult to market off your list.


You may think you don't need a business license to start an online business, but this is a misconception. In many states, entrepreneurs need business licenses, even if they conduct business entirely on the Internet. Once you have chosen a good online business, check with your local county clerk's office or department of licenses and inspections to learn whether you will need to apply for a business license.


Article Written By Jordan Meyers

Jordan Meyers has been a freelance writer, specializing in health, education, business and parenting topics for more than a decade and a copy editor since 2008. Meyers has written Web and print copy for hundreds of businesses, including many Fortune 500 companies. She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Maryland and is studying for a bachelor's degree in psychology.